FAIRBANKS — Schaeffer Cox told a “National Collective Consciousness Call” in January that law enforcement officers and the court system in Fairbanks always treated him with “total respect” because they feared the firepower of his militia.

There is no independent verification of how big or small his group is, but he has repeatedly claimed he had 3,500 members under his command.

The 26-year-old Cox said he was treated like a foreign diplomat by the Alaska courts and didn’t have to follow the rules “because I am not of them.”

“They never make me take my hat off or say ‘your honor’ or stand up like that. I refer to them as the ‘alleged judge’ or ‘your administrativeness.’ And I don’t do anything. The police are always ‘oh yes sir, yes sir,’ very nice there.

“And they’re doing that because they know we’ve got ‘em outmanned and outgunned,” he said on the Jan. 6 conference call, a recording of which is posted on the American Underground Network website http://aunetwork.tv/.

He said he told an “alleged judge” last year he could give an order for his militia members to “stand down,” but he couldn’t guarantee they would listen if they thought the case against Cox was politically motivated.

“From one father to another father, I don’t want to put my influence to the test while the lives of you and your children are on the line,” he said he told the judge.

“I said if you want a bloody fight, if you want a war, then we’ve got one hell of a war with your name on it. But if you want peace, well then that’s what we want too,” Cox said.

Cox claims the government is a private corporation and a “wicked pagan system” that has no legitimate authority.

Cox, who organized the “Second Amendment Task Force” in Fairbanks in 2009, was one of five people arrested Thursday and charged with conspiracy to commit murder. He is being held on $3 million bail.

In his January talk, he spoke in detail about his views on the militia movement and how he thinks it is a way to deal with the government from a position of power.

He said many people are “shy” of militias and that is a holdover from the “public conditioning centers,” his term for the public schools, that he claims have scarred everyone in America.

“The reason that the militia is so important is because one cannot offer peace who does not hold its alternative. OK, the difference between groveling and negotiating is whether or not you can kick the other guy’s ass. OK, if you can kick his ass you can negotiate and be cordial. But if you’re helpless, then you grovel.”

“The fact that we have a militia that is several thousand strong and highly organized and brazen and uncompromising when it comes to liberty, I believe will be the very reason that we don’t have blood in the streets here,” he said.

“We’re not trying to attack these people and their corporation and change it. That’s their corporation,” he said.

“I’m really proud of my men, they are amazing,” he said, adding they are not just a bunch of “disgruntled people that don’t like paying the man.”

“It’s this courage that is found in knowing who you are and who you aren’t that gives you the authenticity and the horsepower to stand in front of the black-clad father of lies in their pretended courtroom and tell them, ‘If you touch me we’re going to kill you.’”

He said the militia members are firm in their belief everything happens according to God’s plan.

“Unless we are abiding in the firm conviction of that knowledge, we will be scared people that will have shit in our boots anytime the man addresses us. And that does not bring God glory. That brings glory to Satan. It brings glory to him and says wow this guy is so powerful that he makes the saints tremble.

And that’s not how we can live.”

He claimed that federal Drug Enforcement Agency officers planned to kill him and his family last summer and the various charges against him last year were part of a federal conspiracy, as was the attempt to remove his toddler from his home.

He claimed the Alaska State Troopers did not go along with a federal attempt to serve a writ in the child custody case because they said they did not have the manpower to do so.

“We’re afraid that there would be counterattacks from the militia within hours and there would be troopers and their families dead all over Fairbanks and we just are in no way prepared to deal with that,” Cox claims the troopers said.

Cox told the listeners those who do not form militias are “facilitating violence” because “compliance fosters aggression.”

If you stand by and “do nothing, the blood that they spill will in a certain way be on your hands. So grow a pair and start a militia. And you just need a small remnant that is brave enough to stand up and take the tomatoes form the sheeple. Don’t worry a bout those masses of sheeple.”

“People get all wrapped around the axle about all these dumb ignorant masses. Look, this fight is 5 percent that believe in tyranny and are benefiting from it against 5 percent that believe in liberty and will stop at nothing to procure it. And the rest of those people, those 95 percent, are just inconsequential one way or the other.

“If they’re not going to stand up to tyranny they’re sure not going to give us any problems, they’re basically spoils of war to whoever wins.”

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