DENALI NATIONAL PARK — A community auxiliary has formed to help volunteers at the Tri-Valley Volunteer Fire Department.

Peggy Talerico came up with the idea during a weekly Bible study.

“I’ve been thinking about it for years,” she said. “I just have never done anything about it.”

When part of the study centered on helping community, the idea of forming an auxiliary returned.

She checked with the fire department and the fire board before springing into action. She wanted the auxiliary to focus its efforts where most needed.

“To me, those people who run the emergency medical and fire department already put in how many hours a month?” she said. “What can we do to support them in what they are doing to help us?”

So far, a small board consisting of Talerico, Binky Graham and Bernadette Brekke will spearhead the program.

Fire Chief Rusty Lasell said he appreciates that the community came up with this idea on their own.

He expects auxiliary help will include everything from cleanup at the firehouse, to landscaping around the building and bringing snacks for training sessions.

“So much for all our guys being in shape,” Lasell said.

“They might also help give someone a ride to town if they need it, or provide some place to stay for a few hours,” he said.

Auxiliary volunteers will help with fundraising and promoting the needs of the department.

The best way to participate and get more information is to go to the Tri-Valley V.F.C. Auxiliary Facebook page.

Ladder truck

The Tri-Valley Volunteer Fire Department is the proud owner of a new ladder truck.

It’s a welcome addition to the rescue fleet, Lasell said.

The department purchased the truck from the University of Alaska Fire Department.

“It’s a really big deal for us,” Lasell said. “We didn’t have the ability to reach third-floor windows in hotels or to get on top of roofs of some buildings.”

The truck provides an 80-foot ladder and a 500-gallon water tank.

“It got refurbished a few years ago, sent back east and got all new wiring, a quarter-million-dollar rehab,” he said. “It’s in really good shape and it’s a really good truck.”



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