The Department of Revenue will start sending out Permanent Fund dividends to Alaskans in mid-October, officials said.

The payment for 2021 is expected to be $1,100, but the figure may change as the dividend is calculated for the 640,000 Alaskans who are expected to qualify.

Department of Revenue Commissioner Lucinda Mahoney will announce the final amount by Oct. 1, said Genevieve Wojustik, legislative liaison with the Revenue Department.

Gov. Mike Dunleavy approved a $1,100 payment on Sept. 15, right after it passed the Legislature. It then takes about 30 days for dividends to be processed and sent out to Alaskans.

“The PFD Division is working towards the week of October 11 for the first mass payment,” Wojtusik said in an email Thursday to the News-Miner.

The first payments will be made to people who filed online for direct deposit, which the Revenue Department estimates is about 85% of recipients.

A final round of payments is for Alaskans who filed the old-fashioned way, by paper, or who are requesting a warrant.

Those payments should arrive two weeks later, or by the end of October.

Free credit monitoring

Alaskans should expect to receive by email an offer from the state for free credit monitoring that is unrelated to their 2021 PFD payments.

In an announcement posted to the Department of Revenue website, state officials assured Alaska residents that a recent cyberattack against the state government did not impact the PFD online systems or expose PFD consumer data.

“The Department of Revenue was not affected by any cyberattack and no information contained within myAlaska and myPFD systems have been compromised,” according to a statement on the web page for the Permanent Fund Dividend Division.

However, the Department of Health and Social Services, which was targeted in the cyberattack, is using PFD contact information provided by applicants to offer the free credit monitoring.

The state offer applies to all Alaska residents, regardless of whether they interacted with DHSS.

People will receive a code by email to sign up for the service. The free credit monitoring is offered as a precaution to protect personal information of Alaskans.

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