The village of Buckland Alaska, 75 miles southeast of Kotzebue is flooded out because of an ice jam along Buckland River. Photo submitted by Charles Esmailka of Fairbanks, Thursday, May13.

The village of Buckland, 75 miles southeast of Kotzebue, has flooded because of an ice jam along Buckland River.

The river began to rise Wednesday evening and flooding might continue through Saturday morning, according to a National Weather Service warning.

“Water has inundated most of town with road access to the airport cut off by flood waters,” NWS officials tweeted Wednesday. 

“Water levels are expected to remain high until the downstream ice jam clears.”

Alaska officials said they are actively monitoring the situation.

“This is the most significant flood in the area since the last century,” Sen. Donny Olson wrote in a prepared statement. 

“Of great concern is the fuel farm, the school, the power plant, and the airport runway for evacuation reasons.”