Alaska Permanent Fund

The Alaska Department of Revenue has announced the final amount for this year's Permanent Fund Dividend: $1,114.

The Alaska Legislature had set the PFD amount at $1,100, but officials had cautioned that a final figure would not be determined until the number of recipients was calculated.

More than 640,000 Alaskans are expected to receive payments.

Eligible Alaskans who filed online for the PFD and chose direct deposit should see the money show up in their accounts the week of Oct. 11, according to the state.

The vast majority of Alaskans file electronically for their payments.

Alaskans who will receive paper checks should get their payments by the last week in October.

Fairbanks-area stores already are advertising "PFD specials" to lure consumers.

Lawmakers say they see the payments as helping Alaskans cover basic necessities, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic idled and closed businesses.

They also see the payments as an economic stimulus in communities across the state.

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