Alaska Permanent Fund

Permanent Fund dividends are slated to be direct deposited into the bank accounts of eligible Alaskans sometime this week. The Alaska Department of Revenue announced that Alaskans who filed electronically and chose to receive the funds via direct deposit should receive their PFDs the week of Oct. 11.

However, Alaskans should not be concerned that they did not receive their $1,114 on Monday because it was Indigenous People’s Day, a federal holiday.

“Because today, Oct. 11, is a federal holiday and banks are closed, PFD knew it would be working with a compressed timeline, which is why we had not announced a specific date in advance,” explained Genevieve Wojtusik with the Department of Revenue.

There will be a second mass distribution at the end of October. People who filed through other methods and selected different means of payment, including paper checks, will begin to receive their PFDs on the week of Oct. 25, according to the Department of Revenue. This year, more than 640,000 Alaskans filed for PFDs, and a record 95% of applicants chose to complete the form electronically.

To check the status of your PFD, visit However, Wojtusik noted that the PFD website is experiencing a high volume of inquiries, which is intermittently disrupting access to the site.

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