The $1.2 trillion infrastructure package will spend billions of dollars on capital projects, boosting employment and state economies. Here is a look at national funds that will flow to the states:

  • $15 billion for planning, installing and expanding airport runways, gates, and taxiways and improving runway lighting and navigation.
  • $5 billion for air traffic control facilities and towers.
  • $11 billion for highway and pedestrian safety, including dollars to prevent injuries to cyclists.
  • $250 million for an electric or low-emitting ferry pilot program, with at least one pilot in Alaska.
  • $5.25 billion for low- and zero-emission buses and facilities.
  • $5 billion for rail projects, including for the Alaska Railroad.
  • $3.5 billion for Indian Health Services sanitation facilities, including in rural Alaska villages.
  • $10 billion for states to clean up PFAS contamination.
  • $42 billion in grants for broadband, with a minimum allocation of $100 million for each state.
  • $2 billion to bring high-speed internet to tribes through the Tribal Broadband Connectivity Grant Program.
  • $216 million to help tribes manage the impacts of climate change, including dollars for relocation.
  • $355 million for more efficient energy storage infrastructure.
  • $3.21 billion to advance micro nuclear reactors.
  • $100 million for small water storage projects, including in Alaska and Hawaii.

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