Fairbanks experienced a drop in temperature Monday, and it’s only going to get colder.

Lows could get down to 22 below zero by Tuesday morning with possible flurries Monday night, according to the National Weather Service.

The average low for this time of year is 4 below zero so it is not abnormal for it to get into the negatives, meteorologist Jason Ahsenmacher said. Dropping to 20 below this time of year is a bit of a surprise though.

“The main reason we have (these cold temperatures) happening is a big arctic low that’s moving in from the Beaufort Sea,” Ahsenmacher said. “And that is going to drop down and move right over the mainland.”

Ahsenmacher predicts light snow flurries and mostly cloudy skies until Friday. Around Friday and Saturday, the clouds will disappear and the temperature will most likely drop.

“The reason for that is clouds kind of insulate the area from getting too cold,” Ahsenmacher said. “So when those clouds clear out, it allows for radiation inversions to form for those temperatures to drop.”

Although the cold temperatures are relatively close to average for this time of year, albeit a little lower, it most likely feels like a huge change due to how warm it was at the beginning of the month.

“The first day of November, we had a high of 41, a low of 30, which was well above average,” Ahsenmacher said. “So this recent stretch of colder temperatures is not that abnormal, it just feels abnormal from what we had.”

The subzero temperatures are here to stay, so bundle up and make sure to always remember to plug in your car.

“The pattern that we’re looking at heading all the way through the next week and likely into next weekend it’s going to be on the colder side,” Ahsenmacher said.

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