Rabinowitz Courthouse

The Rabinowitz Courthouse in Fairbanks is seen in this 2011 file photo

The Alaska Court System’s email is back online after a cyber attack.

But officials said Tuesday they do not know who is behind the breach, the motive for it or when services will fully return.

According to an announcement on Twitter, the "court system email systems are working again. You can file court cases by email, and court staff can send and receive email. Other online systems are not back up yet, including CourtView and online payments for bail and fees."

Online services are being phased in as the system is secured.

The court system said in a press release Tuesday that the "technology department is working tirelessly to restore online services in a secure manner.” 

“We do not believe any data — including personal or confidential data — was extracted from the court system’s computer systems. No credit card information was accessed,” according to the press statement.

The hack was detected a week ago. Malware was discovered on four servers and two personal computers. Online applications were disconnected as technicians worked to keep the hacker off the network. The cyber attack was conducted by someone outside the court system’s network, the statement said.

The court system offered the following timeline:

• April 29: A court system cybersecurity application alerted the technology department to problems. A cybersecurity consultant was brought in. It was determined that malware had been placed on the computer system.

• May 1: The court system went offline to stop “the outside actor” from connecting to the network.

• May 6: The court system is working to fix problems and ensure that every computer and server is free of malware, with tightened security measures to prevent further attacks.

The announcement Tuesday that email is restored allows the courts to receive and send email outside of the court system, including for filings and distributing orders and notices. 

Technicians are working to restore online payments for fines, fees and posting bail by credit and debit cards. Those services may be back online by next week.

Public updates and administrative special orders are being posted to the Facebook page and Twitter account of the Alaska Court System. Hearings are by phone, instead of video conferencing.

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