Underage drinking: Treatment

FAIRBANKS — Barack Obama stood inside a 9-by-10-foot prison cell meant to hold three men. It was July 2015, and he had just become the first United States president to visit a federal prison. As he stood in the small cell, he reflected that it was only “by the grace of God” he was standing t…

Underage drinking: Intervention

FAIRBANKS—Kevin Illingworth was first brought home by police officers when he was 7 years old. A similar circumstance would play out at his parent's doorstep in Interior Alaska at least a dozen more times over the next several years.

Underage drinking: Prevention

FAIRBANKS — In 2008, the Australian government aired a television public service announcement in which a teenager who drank too much kills his own friend with a punch to the head. Another of the ads showed a teenage girl who got drunk at a party having sex on the lawn while dozens of her pee…