Staff Report

Four hours after Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race begins, 21 additional dog teams will arrive at the Chena River start line for a related race.

The YQ300 is 300 mile race that follows the Yukon Quest course from Fairbanks to Circle, before heading out onto the frozen Yukon River for 40 miles and doubling back to the finish line in Circle.

The mushers in both the 1,000 and 300 mile races may overlap in some of the early checkpoints.

The YQ300 is one of only a few races in the world that fills the 300-mile race requirement for the 1,000-mile Yukon Quest. It is also a qualifier for the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. To participate in the longer race, mushers must demonstrate their experience by having run a 300-mile and a 200-mile race.  

The YQ300 is a substantially different race on even-numbered years when the race starts in Fairbanks, compared to odd-numbered years when it starts in Whitehorse. 

“How do I put this nicely, it’s a lot flatter on the Whitehorse side,” said Marti Steury, executive director for the Alaska side of the race. 

Of the four 3,000-plus-foot summits along the 1,000-mile course, dog teams run over two of them on the Fairbanks-side YQ300 — Rosebud and the notorious Eagle Summit.

They cross none of them on the Whitehorse side. 

2020 mushers

• Nathaniel Hamlyn

• Vickie Justice

• Dave Turner

• Misha Wiljes

• Lauro Eklund

• Jennifer LaBar

• Karolyn Bristol

• Chad Stoddard

• Benjamin Good

• Joe Taylor

• Cody Waterbury

• Ryan Freedman

• Leigh Strehlow Pagel

• Luther Buhr

• Claudia Wickert

•Sean Underwood

• Jeremy Traska

• Deke Naaktgeboren

• Tabitha Hughes

• Madeline Rubida

• Jacob Witkop