Brent Sass of Eureka was the first musher to arrive at the Eagle checkpoint, pulling into the Yukon River community at 7:47 p.m. Tuesday with 12 dogs.

Sass and Michelle Phillips of Canada’s Yukon have been leading the field. Phillips had been leading the race earlier.

Asked about the challenge of being at the head of the field and breaking trail amid falling snow, Sass acknowledged the downside.

“We probably burned a little more energy than those guys did back there, but it's blowing in pretty quickly,” he said.

He said he was breaking trail for much of the way from Trout Creek, the hospitality stop prior to Eagle.

“You come around a certain section and it's really windblown, breaking trail through that for a mile or two and then windblown and so it really fluctuated and was a variety of conditions,” he said.

Lex Treinen of KUAC-FM is covering the 2020 Yukon Quest through its finish in Whitehorse, Yukon.