Session glass pipe with silicone sleeve

If I were to dedicate this space to reviewing glass hand pipes, I could spend a lifetime without scratching the surface and without really learning anything. There’s so much variation, similarities and gimmicks around hand pipes when, in most cases, the best piece is usually the one that’s still hanging around in one piece and is clean enough to get a good pull on it.

That all said, a pipe either really must catch my eye or come with a glowing endorsement for me to take a look. The Session hand pipe came with the latter… as well as a form-fitting silicone sleeve that slips over the business ends of the pipe while not in use. The budtender at my local shop told me how, like so many other silicone-encased pipes, it could be flung across the room without problem. At a not-so-cheap $40, I took his word for it, but the benefit here is far more about keeping the glass safe.

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