Saturated with juicy flavors and cannabis, gummies from Dosed Edibles Alaska won the 2021 Alaska Cannabist Reader’s Choice Award for Best Chewy Edible.

To make these brightly colored sweets, Jessica Rhoads works in the kitchen every day, putting together gelatin with berry and fruit flavors and a mixture of MCT oil, as well as the two other important local ingredients.

“Our handmade gummies are made with a lot of love and high-quality distillate, which is produced by Refine Alaska in Talkeetna,” Rhoads explained.

Rhoads’ philosophy has always been to make edibles people can enjoy without tasting the cannabis, so she said it was important for her to use “a high-quality distillate” with a minimal cannabis aftertaste. With each gummy containing 5 milligrams of THC, people can also easily adjust their dosage, depending on their needs and preferences.

They can also pick a flavor they like most.

Rhoads started making her gummies as the original multi-pack she also calls ‘OG’, bringing together orange, lime, strawberry, blue raspberry and black cherry gummies.

“I chose those five flavors because I wanted to have a variety pack that would appeal to most consumers,” she said.

After a while, it was time to add something new, so she introduced a tropical multi flavor pack with pineapple, mango, melon, strawberry banana and grape gummies. Then she started selling single flavors from the ‘OG’ pack, as well as several flavors rotated seasonally — blueberry blend, grape, peach, green apple and watermelon.

“Most of the flavors I have chosen to release are flavors of candy that I enjoy and that have received positive feedback,” she said.

In the near future, Rhoads hopes to bring even more flavors and a sugar-free option.

Before opening her business back in March 2020, Rhoads was making candy at home, thoroughly testing her recipes. Since then, the only change she has made is the quantity of ingredients she uses.

“When I made the gummies in my home kitchen, I would make about 100 pieces,” she said. “With commercial production, we are over 13,000 per cook.”

While she started as a one-person business, Rhoads has been growing her staff and production in the past month. Through the peak of 2021, Dosed Edibles were delivering over 5,000 packs of gummies per week, and in 2022, they have plans to bring even more.

Customers and retailers alike seem to appreciate Rhoads’ hard work. She said she enjoys reading grateful messages from customers, noticing people with Dosed Edibles stickers in random places around Alaska and seeing excitement of retailers when she drops off the gummies.

“When I started this business, I never would have imagined that people would seek out our product,” she said. “I just assumed it would be an add on purchase, so the response of consumers and retailers has been a welcomed surprise.”

For Rhoads, the best part of being a cannabis confectioner is being able to help people.

“Consumers have reached out via email or social media to tell us how much our product has helped relieve a multitude of physical and mental health symptoms and improved their overall quality of life, which is so amazing!” she said. “Helping people has always been something I’ve strived to do in life, so to hear that my product helps in so many ways is extremely fulfilling for me.”

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