Doobie Drops

Doobie Drops take the guesswork out of consumption. Liv Clifford

Since the product’s release in 2020, Good Titrations pre-measured Doobie Drops have quickly become a customer favorite. The drop’s discrete nature and fast-acting formula allow consumers to customize their cannabis experience on the go. Doobie Drop’s unique features are also what helped the product nab the title of Best Tincture as voted by the 2021 Readers’ Choice awards.

Doobie Drops are a water soluble cannabis additive that is made from distilled, fully activated THC. The product is diluted into 5 mg pre-measured droppers, making dosing simple and straightforward. The water soluble nature of the product allows consumers to feel the effects faster than traditional edibles, said longtime budtender Dayanara Pass-Mordino.

“Since the drops are water soluble, they do hit your system faster than traditional edibles. Doobie Drops take 15-30 minutes rather than the 45-60 minutes with other edibles,” she explained.

Pass-Mordino added that the pre-measured nature of the drops allow consumers to customize their experience based on their own personal preferences. “You can add the drops to literally anything and essentially customize it that way. The drops already come in a set dose, so it’s really easy to moderate how much you’re putting in.”

“You don’t need to sit there and measure everything out, we already do that for you. So you just add and go,” she said.

The drops are sold statewide through various cannabis retailers and contain 10 pre-measured 5 mg droppers. Doobie Drops are also sold at Good Titrations’ onsite cannabis consumption cafe in Fairbanks, allowing customers to try the drops in drinks before investing in a 10-pack.

“You could grab a coffee and you can either add the Doobie Drops in the cafe or you can grab and go,” said Pass-Mordino.

Since 2016, Good Titrations has been one of Alaska’s top manufacturers of high-quality cannabis concentrates. In late November, the company opened a multi-function storefront in Fairbanks which includes a grow room, on-site consumption cafe and a retail store.

Pass-Mordino said the company’s growth and success is something that owner Brandon Emmett and CEO Shaun Tacke have worked hard to achieve. “I’m happy for my company, I know that Shaunn and Emmett worked pretty hard to get where we are so I am proud of them for that. It’s been great to see the company blossom.”

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