The wind didn’t bother Erik Berggren in the first benchrest rifle match of the season Sunday at Salonie Creek Rifle Range. 

Berggren scored a perfect 400 and found the bullseye 32 times to shoot to the top of the six-person field. 

Ryan Kitka also tallied 400 points but hit the bullseye four fewer times than Berggren.

“Not only were the winds gusting in velocity from almost calm to 20 mph, but we watched wind flags change direction 180 degrees in seconds,” even organizer Michael Kerwood wrote in an email. 

Each competitor took 20 rimfire shots from 50 and 100 yards. 

Bob White was perfect after the first round and ended up third with 398 points (26 bullseyes). Kerwood finished fourth with 393 points (23), followed by Andy Finke with 390 (19) and Tre Heckerman with 386 (14).   

The first centerfire match is June 13. Shooting starts at 5:45 p.m. 

For more information, contact Kerwood at (907) 486-8141.