Student name: Kassidy Schmidt

School: Salcha Elementary

Grade: 6

Age: 12

Parents: Samantha and Nathan Schmidt

Teacher: Matthew Anderson

Teacher comments

Reason(s) why you selected this student:

Kassidy is a very intelligent young lady, but, even more importantly, she is an incredibly hard worker with an amazingly positive attitude. She encounters a problem and attacks it with all resources available to her. She is also a fighter for women’s rights.

Description of student’s past and present work, examples of performance:

Kassidy produces wonderful work that is usually laced with humor. Her positivity penetrates all levels. She has done everything from a science fair project about quantum mechanics to a research paper about Athabaskans and everything in between.

List the positive characteristics this student possesses which promote his/her success in this academic area or activity:

Kassidy is polite, positive and perfectly proficient at pondering pastimes. She works hard, thinks hard and plays hard. Even if she gets knocked down, she always gets back up.

Student comments

Share what you like about school and what has helped you succeed:

In school, I like that the teachers make the lesson we are working on understandable in ways that are fun, and it helps me have fun in school. 

List other activities (sports, art, music, hobbies) in which you participate:

I participate in choir, basketball, skiing, art, orchestra, ELP and, in the summer, running. 

What is your favorite book, and why? Or, what book are you reading now, and what do you think of it?

Currently I’m reading “Pegasus: The End of Olympus,” and I think it is a wonderful book. 

What is the most interesting thing you have learned lately or describe a special project you have worked on lately. What did it teach you?

My science fair project that I’ve been working on lately with my friend, which taught me about quantum entanglement and how it’s important. 

What are your future plans in general?

When I’m older I want to become an astronaut for NASA.