Wendell “Wendy” Shiffler was chosen as the 2021 Fabian Carey Trapper of the Year by the Alaska Trappers Association. The award is normally presented during the group's annual banquet, which was cancelled this year. Instead, an informal group of ATA members gathered at Wendy’s house one afternoon and surprised him with the plaque. Courtesy Randy Zarnke

The Alaska Trappers Association has named Wendell “Wendy” Shiffler as its 2021 Fabian Carey Trapper of the Year.

Normally, the association presents the award at its yearly banquet. However, because of the pandemic, this year’s banquet was put on hold.

Shiffler had this to say about the award: “It is an honor to be recognized by fellow ATA trappers and selected to receive this award. I came to Alaska as a biology teacher and coach. Many of the folks I’ve worked with have been surprised to learn that I was a trapper, but I’ve always been proud to claim that title. I have always obeyed the law and strived to share my love of the outdoors with friends and visitors. I have to recognize my wife Judy, as being supportive of my involvement with trapping, and the many other outdoor activities that go along with trapping.

“It’s been great to have Richard Henderson as trapper partner for over 47 years. We call ourselves the ‘Ice Road Trappers.’ We’ve worked hard together and kept each other safe while enjoying the outdoors. I am fortunate to still be able to ‘hit the trail’ and keep trapping, and will continue to do so as long as I can. I’ve known for years that it was a big honor to be selected for this award. The names on the plaque represent leaders in our field. It is a tremendous honor to now be considered as one of those individuals. Thanks for this opportunity to represent trapping and the trapping community of Alaska with this honor.”