Because a decline in the number of goats seen during aerial surveys, the area bounded by the Canadian border on the west, the Tsirku and Takhin rivers on the north, the Kicking Horse River/Garrison Glacier on the east, and Glacier Bay National Park on the south is closed to mountain goat hunting. An emergency order is being issued to close the goat hunting season starting at at 11:59 p.m. Saturday.

Biologists saw 63 goats (54 adults, nine kids) during an aerial survey conducted in 2016. Subsequent surveys have resulted in lower numbers of observed goats. In September 2019, under conditions similar to the fall 2016 survey, 54% fewer goats (25 adults, four kids) were observed. In September 2020, it was a total of 29 goats (25 adults, four kids), nearly identical to the number of goats observed in 2019. Due to the vulnerability of goats in this area, the emergency order was issued.

Hunters with questions about goat hunting can call 907-465-4329.