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The Fairbanks Fish and Game Advisory Committee selected two new members during a regular meeting on Wednesday.

Voting was not necessary, as there were 10 nominees for 10 open positions on the 15 member board. Eight incumbents ran again and were reelected, and two new members were selected for the available seats. Newly elected members are Bill Larry and Austin Smith. Larry, owner of the Alaska Fun Center, has previously served on the committee. Smith is an active duty service member who has been stationed in Alaska for about a decade.

The committee saved most substantive discussion for their next meeting, which will be held Nov. 17. The committee endorsed the proposals and recommendations from the fisheries subcommittee as well as a recommendation from the game committee.

The request, ACR4, asks that the Board consider limiting nonresident sheep hunting in Game Unit 19C at the statewide meeting. The sheep population has declined in both the area and statewide and harvest in the GMU 19C this past season was extremely low. The goal of the committee is to continue to allow resident hunting opportunities by restricting the number of nonresident hunters.

The recommendation passed 13 to one with two members absent and will be heard at the statewide Department of Fish and Game meeting in Fairbanks in March.

Composed of local residents, ADF&G advisory councils meet to discuss fishing and wildlife issues and ultimately make recommendations for the Alaska Board of Fisheries and the Alaska Board of Game, according to the state of Alaska.

The committees develop regulatory proposals, evaluate proposals and make recommendations to boards, provide a local forum to discuss wish and wildlife conservation and use, advise the regional council about resources and consult with individuals, organizations and agencies, per the state of Alaska website.

Editor's note: This article has been corrected to clarify the purpose of ACR4 on November 16 at 1 p.m. 

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