It might of been President Joe Biden’s inauguration, but it was Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders who captured the heart of the internet — especially the meme lords.

A photo of Sanders, sitting in a folding chair on the steps of the Capitol, huddled in his parka, wearing a face mask and wool mittens, quickly went viral Wednesday. Bearing Sanders’ trademark lovable grump persona, the image of the senator started popping up all over the internet. As it spread Thursday and Friday around the world, it made its way to Alaska, with images of the Independent leader Photoshopped into iconic Alaska scenes. From Utqiagvik to Juneau, outhouses to dog sleds, Sanders took Alaska by storm as everyone from legislators to city leaders Photoshopped him into their scenes. It’s made for a great internet moment, one that will go down in meme history.

Sanders seemingly has taken it all in stride. In an interview with Gayle King on CBS, he said, “In Vermont, we dress, we know something about the cold ... And we’re not so concerned about good fashion. We just want to keep warm. And that’s what I did.”

We’ve cobbled together some of the best of the Bernie’s Mittens memes, featuring locales across the state you’ll for sure recognize. Happy memeing.

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