HEALY — When Susan Carlson’s first-grade students launched their very own book, they did it in style. They held an author party. But not just any author party. They trooped down the hall to the music room, where they borrowed speakers, microphone and a podium. Then they hand-colored invitations and shared them with teachers, family, community members and other students.

On the special presentation day, they each stood in front of the room and read their own personal story in the book.

The hardcover book is titled “Exploring Space” by Tri-Valley’s Class of 2028. It’s all about space. There are stories about the planets and meteors and asteroids and satellite exploration.

“It was really an amazing experience for all of us,” Carlson said. “The students researched their space topic and then went through the entire writing process.”

That means rough draft, revision, peer editing and watercolor illustrations. Students worked both independently and collaboratively on this project.

“It really gave me goosebumps watching our students’ faces light up with excitement as they read their writing and their artwork in a hardcover published book,” Carlson said.

With barely contained enthusiasm, the young students began to organize their book release/celebration party.

“The students were so excited to share their book with the other classes, family and community members,” Carlson said. “I was so proud of each and every student as they read with such pride and enthusiasm, not only of their pages but of their classmates’ as well.”

This, she said, was a powerful project.

It is made possible through Student Treasures Publishing.

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