The youngest winners of the 2021 UAF Arctic Innovation competition are fostering innovation for the future. Innovators age 12 and younger entered these creative inventions in the annual contest.

“They have the courage to enter,” said Tammy Tragis-McCook, the School of Management’s director of development and outreach. 

In addition to winning first place, Johnathan Verhagan of Nenana also took home the $2,000 Alaska 529 Award. His brother Ephriam earned an honorable mention and $50 for his ToyBot Cleanr.

“My boys were both pretty excited and it sparked a lot of creative thinking and inventions for needs right now with Covid and the Arctic,” said their mother Evelyn Verhagan.

The Fan Favorite award went to Denali Walrath and Dylan Walrath of Nome for their Easy Stop Sled. They also were awarded the $2,000 529 Award and the Lego Trophy.

All the winners are highlighted here.

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