"The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is back for Halloween this year, and they’re ready for your participation.

Last year, Naked Stage Productions had to put a hold on a live show and go the virtual route due to Covid-19. Fans from all over the world sent in videos of themselves playing the parts of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” to create a homemade movie version of the film.

Producer Rachel Blackwell is ready to bring horror back for Halloween and is putting on three live shows this year. The cast is over the moon about having an in-person audience and can’t wait to see everyone in their costumes.

“The live in-person part of 'Rocky Horror' is kind of the most exciting part,” Blackwell said. “We love when people dress up, such as dressing as the characters from the movie or just in general.”

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is an audience participation show, which means it just isn’t the same over live-streaming or recordings. Now that Blackwell can put on the show in-person again, she’s ready to go all out.

The Rocky Horror movie will be playing in the background, and then the shadow cast, which is all of the live performers, will be re-enacting what’s happening on the screen as it is happening, Blackwell said. As this is happening, the audience is encouraged to participate by yelling out responses, screaming at the movie, and really putting their hearts into the experience.

Blackwell welcomes first-timers and has audience participation bags that include things to say and do, and when to say or do them. The bags also include props such as rice to throw during the wedding scene, toast to throw during a cheers scene, as well as a newspaper to hold over your head to protect yourself from the squirt gun rainfall and more fun items.

Each year, the showing of Rocky Horror is truly unique because the cast is always changing up who plays who. Out of everyone performing this year, only one person is in the same role, Blackwell said.

The cast of Rocky Horror also enjoys playing with gender roles, and often has female performers playing characters such as Brad or Rocky.

“Whoever, whatever, everything goes for Rocky Horror,” Blackwell said with a laugh.

There are no restrictions for who is allowed to come to the show, but “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is rated R and has some inappropriate language and cursing.

“As long as parents are comfortable with that or they know what they’re getting into we don’t have an age limit,” Blackwell said. “My 10 year old will be there, we don’t have any drinking or anything at the show.”

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” will be performed at midnight on Oct. 29 and then at 7 p.m. and midnight on Oct. 30 at 3532 Industrial Ave. in Fairbanks. The 7 p.m. showing has sold out this year, but the midnight showing still has seats available. Tickets can be purchased for $20 at bit.ly/30Xzoc2.

For more information, visit bit.ly/3Cmlb6q or contact Rachel Blackwell at 907-374-4963 or rachel@nakedstageproductions.com.

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