The Fairbanks Arts Association has announced the winners of the 2021 Statewide Poetry Contest, judged by Emily Wall, an English professor at the University of Alaska.

Winners include:


• First place, “Compost Bin” by Maggi Arende (Anchorage)

• Second place, “Alice” by Jon Crocker (Anchor Point) 

• Third place, “In Newton’s 1st Law, we are the bodies” by Patty Ware (Juneau) 

• Honorable mention, “Goddess greens” by Jasmine Templet (Barrow)

High school

• First place, “El Viaje del Immigrante” by Ko’i Williams (Fairbanks) 

• Second place, “spring 2020” by Darcy Misel (Fairbanks)

• Third place, “Memories Stuck with Tape” by Maggie Zaverl (Fairbanks)

Middle school

• First place, “all i wanted” by Lila Steele (Anchorage)

• Second place, “XXY” by Lila Steele (Anchorage)

• Third place, “ana save me” by Lila Steele (Anchorage)


• First place, “I had a fond memory” by Brooks Pinney (Juneau) 

• Second place, “Owl” by Hazel Sutton (Fairbanks)

• Third place, “Gratefulness” by Caroline (CC) Cooper Elliott (Haines)

• Honorable mention, “Ode to the Dragonfish” by Wesley Keller (Delta Junction)