The Downtown Association of Fairbanks announces a “large outdoor gathering” downtown on June 19 from noon ‘til midnight. This year’s event will again feature 12 hours of the community’s live music, vendors and activities — but fewer of them.

“We made concessions to the pandemic” David van den Berg, executive director of the Downtown Association, said in a release announcing the festival’s return. “We mainly gave up on size and density, and we’ll implement state hygiene guidelines. But that won’t impact the quality of the festival, and as June 19 nears, you’ll see that this Festival has grown in appealing and creative ways.”

The Downtown Association is partnering with Fairbanks Brand Studio to rebrand the event and re-conceptualize how it will run this year. Vendor applications, performance applications and sponsorship opportunities will be available online on April 20. 

The Midnight Sun Festival is a community celebration of life in the land of the Midnight Sun, a fundraiser for the Downtown Association’s work and highlights partnerships to improve downtown.