The Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum is welcoming applications for the Winter Lecture/Culture Share Series of 2021-2022. The Winter Lecture/Culture Share Series will be focusing on six categories: discussion regarding your art form/culture, traditional storytelling, art making demonstration, teaching of a traditional song/dance, sharing or demonstration of a traditional Alaskan Native recipe/dish, and research based presentations on Alaska Native cultures/interests.

This series will be hosted on Zoom between the end of November through the middle of March 2022. Applications must be submitted by Oct. 29 if you are interested in participating. Each Zoom session will be live and available to the public but will also be recorded and possibly uploaded to the Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum’s YouTube channel and social media pages.

Speakers are encouraged to propose a 30-45 minute presentation in one of the six categories mentioned above. If a speaker is selected for the series, they will need to send in a brief bio and photo of themselves for event advertisements. During the event, they are required to have computer access, internet and sufficient bandwidth during their presentation. Speakers will host a short Q&A session with the Zoom attendees at the end of their presentation. As a thank you, selected speakers will be given a $100 honorarium from the Friends of Sheldon Jackson Museum.

Speakers can request an application by calling 907-747-8981 or by emailing with the subject line of “Winter Lecture/Culture Share.”

Contact the newsroom at 907-459-7572.

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