Bread Line is making Thanksgiving easy this year by selling oven-ready goods that will look delicious on anyone’s dinner table.

Bread Line has partnered with this year’s Stone’s Throw class to host another Sides & Pies, where professional chefs and culinary students make mouth-watering sides for your Thanksgiving meal. Stone’s Throw is a culinary training program that focuses on culinary skills, food safety training and interpersonal skills.

“These funds will go directly to Stone’s Throw culinary job training program,” Executive Director Hannah Hill said, “which is a fantastic program that we run twice a year out of Bread Line here.”

Stone’s Throw is a free program that helps people get back on their feet after struggling with incarceration, addiction, homelessness, mental health or other challenges by teaching them life and job skills. Not only does Sides and Pies raise funds for Stone’s Throw, but it also gives the culinary students a “real world scalable time-bound event to prepare and cook for,” Hill said. It gives them experience that they can use and build their resume with.

“It’s an incredibly successful program. We have a very high employment rate post-graduation,” Hill said. “All of our students also self-report a higher quality of life on the other side of it.”

Sides and Pies will be selling pumpkin pie, sausage apple stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and many other appetizing sides for one to add to their Thanksgiving meal.

“They’re all delicious,” Hill said. “I have to say that Brussels sprout salad is just exceptional, like I love it all, but I am actively looking forward to the Brussels sprout salad.”

Bread Line will be taking orders until Nov. 19, but it is recommended that you place your order as soon as possible.

“We always sell out,” Hill said. “We recommend that people get their orders in early because we’re only doing 50 of each item, and then there’s no more after that.”

Call 452-1974 or email to place your order. Ingredient substitutions are unavailable and no additional items will be available for sale after Nov. 19.

The Stone’s Throw culinary student has put love and hard work into making these sides and pies, which will be ready for pickup from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Nov. 23-24 at Bread Line Inc., 507 Gaffney Road, in Fairbanks.


The menu for this year’s Sides and Pies is:

9 inch pumpkin pie $13.99 (serves 6-8)

9 inch pecan pie $15.99 (serves 6-8)

Cranberry sauce $7.99 (1 pound, serves 6-8)

Green bean casserole $9.99 (1 pound, serves 4-6)

Sausage apple stuffing $11.99 (1 pound, serves 4-6)

Sweet potato casserole $9.99 (1 pound, serves 4-6)

Brussels sprout salad $11.99 (1 pound, serves 4-6)

Turkey gravy $7.99 (1 pound, serves 6-8)

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