If you want something cheesy, crunchy or sweet coming out from cannabis shop Good Titrations, the Cheesehead Joint is right around the corner.

The idea for the new business was born out of the love for cheese the owners Ben Long and Stephen Barnhart have. Barnhart said that to create the menu, the two of them bought $1,000 worth of cheese and messed around with it.

Now, the new place has been open for about two weeks at 506 Merhar Ave. Fairbanks and offers a few delicious options.

“We focus on four things in the Cheesehead Joint: mouth melters which are grilled cheeses, tater tots, mac ‘n’ cheese and cereal shakes,” Long explained. “We’re just mastering those four things until we’re ready to build it up a little bit.”

One of the customer favorites is Miss Piggy Mac — creamy and melty mac ‘n’ cheese with pulled pork, green peppers and scallions on top. The spicy and salty meat is balanced by all the cheese, and the smooth mac texture goes perfectly with pulled pork.

Another popular item on the menu is Big Poppa, a grilled cheese sandwich with white cheddar on Sourdough bread. Jalapeno cheese poppers on the sandwich come as a surprisingly good addition.

All Cheesehead Joint creations come with tater tots.

“Everyone has french fries,” Barnhart said. “We decided that tater tots are just a better way to go.”

For a drink or dessert, customers can choose a cereal shake with their favorite type of cereal — and fun colors and textures. As a result, a comforting breakfast comes with ice-cream-based shake and a party-like presentation.

The location is also designed with bright psychedelic graffiti created by local artist Jose Gonzales. Down the road, the owners plan to put up a sign to advertise the place more.

“Right now we are speakeasy-ing it, just trying to make sure that (a) food comes out perfect and (b) everybody’s happy,” Long said.

The menu stays the work in progress and if something doesn’t sell, the owners will replace it with another option. But so far, it’s been a success.

“We’re staying steady,” Long said. “People like it, and that’s just the point.”

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