Have you felt lately that you have either gone insane, or the entire world has? Don’t worry, it’s not you. It is the world that has turned truth on its head. This should come as no surprise as scripture tells us that Satan is both the father of lies and the lord of this world. And he has been very busy as of late.

Busy with what? Satan has been busy gathering his army. This army of souls will not be hard to spot—they are the people who will be filled with hatred and rage. They won’t even be able to articulate just why they hate or why they are enraged. But they will be overwhelmed by diabolical feelings that are the fruit of Satan, and the opposite of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Some will knowingly work for the evil one, but I believe most will be deceived into doing it.

Perhaps this is why prophetic warnings have increased in these last days. The people who pray have sensed for several years that something big is on the horizon, something that will come from God himself. If you peruse YouTube, you will find that both Catholics and Protestants alike have a greater sense of both God’s sustaining presence and the ever-increasing manifestation of evil. It is as if the final confrontation between good and evil is coming upon mankind.

One of the prophecies that may be relevant to our times was given several years ago. When I was a little girl, at a Knights of Columbus pot luck, I remember seeing a crude, homemade film of very astonishing events that had occurred in the remote village of Garanbandal, Spain. The events in question occurred during the years of 1961 and 1965. Four nearly illiterate girls, aged between 11 and 12, reported that St. Michael the Archangel and the Blessed Virgin Mary were appearing to them. And indeed, you can go to YouTube and see black and white film of the girls doing impossible things—running backwards and forwards over cobblestone streets and stairs during states of ecstasy. They would run while looking up, with their necks hyper extended in the up position. They never looked down, and they never fell. They would run so quickly over harsh terrain, that no one in the crowd could ever keep up with them. In addition, no one could lift these little girls while they were in ecstasy, and the girls didn’t respond to lights being shone into their eyes, or pins pricking them.

One of the important prophesies that the girls reported was that God was greatly offended by the sins of mankind, and that “the cup was filling up.” If man refused to repent and return to God, a chastisement would come from Heaven. Another important prophesy was that God would correct the consciences of a deceived mankind . He would do this with an “illumination of conscience,” where time will be suspended, and each person on Earth will be allowed to see their souls as God sees it. This will be a very painful experience for most of us, as we will be shown the ramifications of our sin, and how much Jesus had to endure because of it. There is currently a well done movie on YouTube called Garanbandal, Unstoppable Waterfall, with several eye witness accounts given, and rare home movie footage of the girls. While it must be noted that the Catholic Church has not yet issued an opinion on the supernatural nature of these events, it is important to be open to the possibility that God is seeking to warn us in advance of future events.

Jesus and the Apostles repeatedly advise us in the Bible to watch and to stay awake. We were destined to be in the world, and yet not of the world. In this way, we must cling to what we know to be good and true, and not let the prince of this world deceive us in any way. To do this we must pray, and then pray some more. When we are tempted to despair, we must ask Jesus for more faith, and more trust. We are to pray for the conversion of all people, even those who would persecute us. 

Robin Barrett is a parishioner at Sacred Heart. Insight is sponsored by the Tanana Valley Christian Conference

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