The Interfaith Working Group of the Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition (FCAC) and the Fairbanks Community Interfaith Prayer Circle thank faith leaders for their presentations on the theme “Praise and Gratitude for the Earth and Creation” at the recent Interfaith Prayer Circle. We thank Alaska Native Elder Nutaaq Simmons for her powerful prayer in the Inupiaq language. Elisabeth Nadin from Or Hatzafon offered readings about our connection to nature. Pastor Carlene Tillery from Corinthian Baptist Church presented a poem and prayer on creation. Dr.s Nilima and Shiva Hullavarad chanted a sacred Mantra. From St. Raphael’s Catholic Church, Gloria Slagle sang, “For the Beauty of the Earth” with the 1864 text. Joyce Potter from Christ Lutheran Church offered her original poem, “Song of Creation.” From the Baha’i Faith, Jan Conitz read two prayers from Abdu’l-Baha. Susan Grace from the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship presented an original song. Karen Pyne offered readings from the Church of Christ, Scientist. From Fairbanks Lutheran Church, Reverend Lou Peters led us in a response prayer. Terry Chapin read from his book, “Grassroots Stewardship,” about Catherine Attla of Huslia and her care for the Earth. The Spellman-Villano family, Izzy, Simone, Chris, Jim, Katie and Blaine, presented an intergenerational reading from Genesis with instrumental music. Charley Basham from Chena Ridge Friends Meeting (Quakers) offered our closing prayer. We thank Elizabeth Hilker for hosting, and Tara Chrisman from FCAC and Dr. Nilima Hullavarad for technological assistance. We also thank all who attended for making this a meaningful event.

— Diane Preston

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