This is Betty Burg (Miss Betty) — last year, March 2019, my family threw a birthday party for me at Raven Landing for my 90th birthday! Over 100 people attended and helped me celebrate. I was so humbled that you took the time to come and see me. Many of you brought cards and gifts, lovely gestures of your love and friendship. At that time, we were in the process of building and moving into a new home, so the cards and gifts were packed away after the party, not to be seen again until recently. Because I was not able to sit down and write each of you thank you cards at that time, I’d like to offer this note as a thank you card. It is a year late; however, it is just as true today as it would’ve been a year ago. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your attendance, your well-wishes, your cards and lovely gifts, and most of all, your friendship. So many of you, I’ve known most of my life and my life has been richer because of you! And those of you I’ve only known a short time, have become some of my dearest friends. You all mean so much to me!

With humble gratitude, I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you who helped me celebrate my birthday. And, I just turned 91!

I love you, each one of you!