Past and Present: Margaret Bennett

Margaret Bennett holds her award-winning Shoofly Coffee Cake in her kitchen on Friday, August 26, 2016. The kitchen is the same one as in the original 1981 photograph, but the oven has been moved to the other side of the room since then. Margaret and her husband Larry moved to Alaska in 1968. She used to regularly enter her baked goods at the fair and continues to cook and entertain. Larry enjoys sourdough cooking and has kept a pot going for 48 years. Their sons Andrew and Matthew also greatly enjoy cooking. Andrew owned fly fishing lodges and developed a skill for grilling fish. Matthew is currently working as a professional chef in the Napa Valley. Have you or someone you know had their photograph taken by a News-Miner photographer 10 or more years ago? If you would be interested in participating in this project contact Erin Corneliussen at