An air quality meteorologist with the state of Alaska said conditions are ripe for a temperature inversion, which is when warm air traps colder air near the ground, causing tailpipe and chimney pipe emissions to linger.

Voters in House District 5 will choose this year between Democratic Rep. Adam Wool, a three-term incumbent, and Republican Kevin McKinley, who unsuccessfully ran against Wool in 2018 after garnering 46.5% of the vote to Wool’s 53%. 

“She clearly understands the separation of powers and federalism, holds a healthy skepticism regarding the expansive power of federal agencies, and is a strong protector and proponent of the Second Amendment."

“It is our position that elected officials should stay involved with the appeal process and not delegate these responsibilities to a committee with non-elected members,” reads the letter to assembly members signed by Mayor Matherly and Mayor Welch.