Every year, Hockey Week In Fairbanks, features a specially made logo to honor the event. This year, the 14th annual, for the first time, the logo features a female hockey player. That logo is this year’s collector lapel pin.

“The University of Alaska is fortunate to have such a strong and supportive congressional delegation. They understand the full nature of our mission, our educational impact in the state and the significant scientific contributions we’re making at the national level,” Johnsen said.

“Last summer, a bipartisan group of Alaskans came together in an effort to end the unconstitutional giveaway of Alaskans’ oil,” said Merrick Peirce, a group spokesperson from Fairbanks. “If the Fair Share Act were in place today, the state would be closer to funding our budget and paying out a full PFD without imposing new taxes on Alaskans.”

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O’Malley has a relaxed and respectful writing style, and lets the people preparing the foods tell their own stories. Pretty much no matter what your favorite food, there will be a chapter with some connection to it.


The Fairbanks REI has given roughly $150,000 per year to local groups since it opened in 2014 — recipients include Nordic Ski Club, Inspiring Girls Expeditions, Interior Alaska Land Trust and others.

My daily calendar “Pun of the Week” is “What did the librarian say when the books were in a mess? ‘We ought to be ashamed of ourshelves!’” I can relate; my home’s filled with packed bookshelves, and despite a long library career, cataloging and arranging books weren’t professional fortes. Read more