“What happens is, if they’re in there and these buses start getting stored outside, there’s going to be a lot of ice build up, a lot of snow build up on these vehicles, that the driver’s not going to be able to adequately see items that may be defective, broken or damaged during transit,” Holan said.

“TAPS is the most important energy infrastructure for the Alaska public,” said Wight, who wrote a dissertation on the pipeline. “What assurances do we have as Alaskans that they are actually going to be able to clean up a mess?” he asked.

“This is going to be a huge change in process, and in our ability to reach Alaskans across the state who have been unable to come to caucus locations and participate in the past,” said ADP Chair Casey Steinau. “We’re thrilled that this will be the year when more Alaska Democrats than ever will be able to have a voice in this decision.”

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Tri-Valley Volunteer Fire Department’s assistant chief Baxter Mercer will receive a Community Outreach award at the Fourth Annual No One Left Behind awards banquet Nov. 9 at Ryan Middle School in Fairbanks. He is one of many first responders in the Interior who will be honored.