“I sort of felt like the signing of the compact was extortion,” Kawasaki said Tuesday. “I think they had to do what they had to do when presented with the compact from the governor. But the Legislature is equally concerned with the university, the campuses across the state, the students and the staff and faculty that work there and the Legislature has the power of appropriation and will ultimately have their own decision making process when it comes to the budget.”

“I think it is important for community leaders to not only take into consideration the community that they directly represent but also understand the significance of working together with other local leaders to address issues that are bigger than a single community,” Ward said. 

Low results from statewide tests, the Performance Evaluations for Alaska’s Schools and the Alaska Science Assessment, released earlier this year sparked conversation about the progress of Alaska students and the validity of the tests.

While it may seem early to be thinking about next year’s election for some, lawmakers running for reelection must think ahead as they are not allowed to actively campaign during the Legislative session.

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"... we had about a 10% increase in voter participation for an 'off' year election,” she said. “The question is, did we see an increase in participation because of the mail ballot or were people more engaged because of the tax propositions? Time will tell.”

Stars have a prominent place both on our flag and in our daily life. We have entered the season when dark skies dominate. As November begins, we have nearly eight hours of daylight in Fairbanks. By the end of the month, that dips to less than five.


The gingerbread syrup, which takes all of five minutes to make, is so good you’re going to be using it on top of pancakes, ice cream, pound cake or whatever other kitchen creation pairs with the seasonally sweet and spicy syrup.