“There is a huge opportunity in my view happening right now,” U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan said about the potential for an Alaska liquefied natural gas pipeline project.

A new paper published in Science Advances synthesizes the impact of metal and coal mines on salmon and trout in northwestern North America. The study shows that, despite impact assessments intended to evaluate risk and inform mitigation, mines continue to harm salmonid-bearing watersheds through contaminants, stream channel burial and streamflow alteration.

I’ve noticed that people who don’t live a remote subsistence lifestyle frequently underestimate the amount of local resources one family can consume. Many food items become available only during a short period each year, whether due to a limited legal hunting season, or availability such as the brief salmon runs, or ripening berries that quickly disappear into bears and grouse and other critters.

This makes the harvest opportunistic.


Chris Milles of Melbourne, Florida, drops to second place overall with the 150-pound fish he caught May 28 aboard Halibut Grove. Kamille Mulcaire of Fairbanks is hanging onto third place overall with the 149.8-pound halibut she caught June 9 aboard the Six Gun.