Tsunamis in Alaska & Valdez presentation for the Valdez community by Elena Suleimani from the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute.

The word tsunami describes a natural hazard capable of inflicting hundreds of thousands of fatalities and reaching every coastline on earth. Alaska is the largest tsunami “producer” in the United States. Future tsunamis “made in Alaska” can reach Alaska coastal communities within minutes of the earthquake. Therefore, saving lives and property depends on how well a community is prepared.

University of Alaska Fairbanks published the tsunami inundation map for Valdez in 2013. The University recently completed a new study augmenting this map with maximum estimated tsunami currents in Port Valdez and expected damage to the Valdez harbor for both local and distant tsunamis. This information will help mitigate damage and loss of life from future disasters.


+1964 Earthquake specific portion of the presentation begins at minute 30:01.

+Valdez specific portion of the presentation begins at minute 34:02.

+ Video A link - https://youtu.be/zxm050h0k2I

+ Video B link - https://youtu.be/5-zfCBCq-8I

+ Video C link - https://youtu.be/jltIeWB1XH8