Oct. 31, 2012

To the editor:

The problem with super PACs like the Republican State Leadership Committee is that they open the political system to the highest bidder. In Alaska’s case, this year it happens to be Big Oil who are funding the campaigns of candidates who will do their bidding, and more importantly, negatively attacking the candidates who refused to vote for the governor’s proposed $20 billion dollar giveaway like Sens. Paskvan and Thomas.

Super PACs like the Republican State Leadership Committee are why we need campaign financing reform. They flood the elections with special-interest money and weaken the political influence of the average voter. By spending $100,000 in our state elections, the RSLC, which only represents the interests of a few, is diluting the power of our individual votes and weakening the will of the people of Alaska. Alaskans deserve better than auctioning off our democracy to the highest bidder.

Emily Lyngholm