Week in the Woods

Sponsoring organization: The Folk School

Ages: 6-100

Dates and times: June 23-28

Location: Tanana Valley State Forest

Description: This is an opportunity for adults and families to leave our everyday routines behind, and gather in the boreal forest, learning and creating in a multi-generational community. You will have the chance to live and study with an amazing cast of instructors, including woodworkers, craftspeople, artisans, and naturalists, studying wood carving, weaving, bark projects, botany, wilderness skills, and camp cooking.

Cost: $575, single adult; $750, one adult plus one child

Contact: John Manthei, 451-0445


Week on the River

Sponsoring organization: The Folk School

Ages: 8 and older with adult co-learner

Dates and times: Five days, four nights: July 26, (starts at 2 p.m.) through July 30 (ends at 4 p.m.)

Location: Tanana River, between Fairbanks and Nenana

Description: This is a multi-generational, living-learning educational exchange focused on connecting participants to the river environment and summer season. Together we’ll learn about river’s wealth of fish by from cutting, drying, cooking, and making art with them. We’ll gather raw natural materials and transform them into practical items. There will be exploration, gathering wild edibles, tracking animals, cooking, and community.

Cost: $400, one adult; $700, one adult, plus one child; $1,000, one adult, plus two children

Contact: Jenna Jonas,