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At the June 13 meeting, opinions were nuanced. Proponents of a ban cited what they called the “wasteful” consumption of fossil fuels used to create plastic bags and the effects that plastic bag pollution has on wildlife as reasons to support the bill. Opponents felt that a ban would do little to solve these issues and thought prohibiting this type of grocery sack would only encourage the use of other types of plastic.

To the editor: Who is historically known for the quotations “fake news” and “the press is the enemy of the people”? Stalin, Mao, Castro, Kim, …

The funding was slated to be released early in the year but, in a battle with the Legislature over education funding, Dunleavy withheld the funding until the last minute.

To the editor: In regards to the letter published in today’s News-Miner (June 5) titled, “Clergy, speak up,” the gentleman’s post captures the…