FAIRBANKS — A Fairbanks police officer lost control of his vehicle and collided with another vehicle and a Cushman Street bridge guardrail Sunday night while responding to a report of a fight at the Big I bar.

Officer Kevin Mepsted was driving the third of three patrol vehicles with their lights and sirens on at about 7 p.m., said Lt. Matt Soden. A vehicle northbound on Cushman moved aside for the first two police cars, but apparently did not see the third and turned in front of it. Mepsted swerved abruptly away and lost control of his vehicle, causing the collision with the guardrail and another vehicle, Soden said.

The crash did approximately $4,000 damage to the patrol car. No one was cited.

“It was one of those unfortunate circumstances,” Soden said. “It does not appear the driver intentionally failed to yield.”

At the Big I, the other officers found Fairbanks resident Mark Edward Brochu, 42.

Police said he was highly intoxicated and refused to identify himself. While being taken into a patrol car he kicked an officer in the chest, police said. He was charged with assaulting a police officer.

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