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Regarding the new Golden Valley Electric Association smart meters

As a member of the so-called Golden Valley Electric Associtaion co-op, I never received a ballot to vote on being forced to have a “smart meter” attached to my home. Are we members or not? I can see that our voices mean nothing to GVEA at all.

I do not agree to having a smart meter at my home. I have researched them and found that 5G capability is even used in electrical warfare. These meters can catch on fire and explode during an electrical surge like lightning storms. Oh, thank goodness we never have lightning in the Interior, right? Then there’s the capability of not only selling information about our families, which they admitted publicly was true at their meeting a couple weeks ago at Raven’s Landing, but these meters can control and record information about individual devices used inside our houses.

Five-G is nothing to take lightly. And not only are meters being installed, but also there are plans for 5G technology all over town. It takes only minutes to Google loads of information on how this can affect the cells in our bodies and even the thoughts in our heads. It can inhibit our lungs from taking in oxygen and lead to serious adverse mental and physical health effects.

GVEA has already secured about 46,000 of these meters in the Interior alone. Two-hundred of us are being deferred, because we are not agreeing to this. One very kind woman said at the meeting that the media and general public had not been invited to the meeting, that she’s had serious health problems and would like to opt out. GVEA dodged her request. I called them on it and asked them point blank if she could opt out, and they responded that it hasn’t been decided yet. Been decided by whom? Who, in “your and my” co-op, gets to decide if that woman can or can’t opt out? And who gave them that authority?

It’s time for a mutiny by GVEA’s members. They’ve gone too far this time. I will continue to educate people on the dangers of smart meters. There was a sharp woman from California at that meeting. She asked great questions such as where did they buy the meters from and what does the contract say they are expecting back. Our data? Hmm. She said that the Paradise Fire in California is actually nicknamed the Smart Meter Virus by locals. That electric company, PG&E, is hardly helping those people at all who lost everything. Is GVEA going to be responsible for our homes if their meters explode? I can obtain forms for nonconsent to installation of any electronic or wireless metering device if anyone’s interested.

We should have had a vote. There should have been real research distributed to the community, not biased research. The meeting was video recorded by GVEA and that recording should be obtainable by any member. But just in case it isn’t, a private citizen also recorded most of the event. It can be viewed at

Some things you’ll hear mentioned in the recording of the meeting are concerns about personal health risks. One gentleman has already experienced negative symptoms just from WiFi signals and is worried that this meter will create even more problems for him. The GVEA representatives keep repeating over and over again how they’re “listening” to us and they “hear” us. Really?

I hope that people reading this will take the time to watch the video of this meeting. It was mentioned by someone how they always appreciated GVEA and trusted them, so they want to believe that GVEA has good intentions and does see us as a members with a voice and will allow for opt-outs of these meters without harsh consequences. I sure pray she’s right. We’ll see how that mystery vote comes out.

Pamela Samash lives in Nenana.


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