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Legislature is weak on ending abortion funding

“Well! How about that?”

This has been the reaction of millions … no, billions of pro-life advocates worldwide. Alabama, thank you. No exceptions but for life of the mother. Long years to life in prison for abortionists. To quote the 19th century “physicians’ crusade against abortion,” spearheaded by the brand-new American Medical Association and the founder of obstetrics and gynecology, Horatio R. Storer: “These men are false brethren. Executioners and modern Herods. They should be marked as Cain was marked. They should be made the outcasts of society.”

And guess what? Susan B. Anthony and other famous feminists were completely behind such sentiments.

Alabama has provided for us direct and unapologetic defiance of the very tyrannical and certainly unconstitutional Roe v. Wade. What? How can the Supreme Court do something unconstitutional? Aren’t they supposed to enforce the U.S. Constitution for us?

No. You have been told wrong all along — in junior high civics, in high school government, in college political science courses and almost certainly in law school. You were told that the three branches of government were equal, yet even a shallow reading of the Federalist Papers tells us otherwise. The Supreme Court gives merely opinions; the executive can veto those opinions by virtue of enforcement powers, and the legislative branch can remove the courts from any cases it so chooses. See Article III, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution.

In addition, states’ rights are being reasserted, this time not to maintain segregated buses and lunch counters but to save black and white human lives. Just who are the racists here? Planned Parenthood, whose founder, Margaret Sanger, was a model of eugenics to the Nazis, who sets their abortion clinics inside of minority neighborhoods … or Southern legislatures in Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Mississippi and Arkansas, who want to end the practice? Throw in Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, the two Dakotas for good measure. Even, perhaps, liberal Minnesota.

OK, so Alabama did something courageous, but they still haven’t quite got it right. Of course, this will end up in the federal courts. And, of course, they will lose there. It’s like having the New York Yankees in the World Series with all the umpires being ex-Yankees. Who do you think will win? In the Casey decision, the court declared itself an interested party in maintaining Roe.

Rather, we are at last — and long overdue — facing up to the constitutional crisis created by “progressives.” It is not precipitated by abortion or Alabama, but goes back further, much further. Just who rules? The people or the oligarchs? The republic or the globalists? The states or the unelected courts? The urban coastlines or rural fly-over country?

As Alaska wrangles over budget and crime, the Legislature can’t see the forest for the trees. You want to cut the budget? End abortion funding, travel and lodging. You want to stop the worst crime? After seeing the movies “Gosnell” and “Unplanned,” follow Alabama’s lead.

A weak effort to end funding is brushed off on both sides of the aisle as so much posturing. This is because the arrogant and godlike courts will not uphold it, and the Legislature will neither challenge nor dare to impeach them. Some time ago the power of the purse was seized from the Legislature by ordering abortion funding. This is permitted because public opinion, which the Legislature follows, is as ignorant about true constitutional balances of power as they are.

Fellow citizens and lawmakers, read the state and federal constitutions and make up your own mind. It’s not rocket science. And remember that the legislative lawyers are part of the problem, changing what is simple into a tangled plate of spaghetti through case law.

And we all know they do this, which is why “lawyer jokes” never seem to go out of style — even among the lawyers.

Bob Bird lives in Kenai. He served as president of Alaska Right to Life. He was an Alaskan Independence Party candidate for U.S. Senate in 2008.


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