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It's gettin' ugly out there

Supposin’ I was to create a hell on Earth, especially in America. I’d do just about everything that’s a happ’n’ right now. Ignore climate change. More guns for every “yahoo.” More spilt blood of schoolchildren. Cold hearts ignoring their sorrow and tears.

Wall off America — just like the one them commie East Germans made to keep all those poor souls from escap’in’ a “jail” they’d created. Walls of fear and exclusion don’t belong on the border of a nation built by immigrants.

“Jerico, Jerico — them walls came a tumbl’in’ down,” just a few millennium back, it’s said. I guess them Zionists forgot God’s green Earth wasn’t only theirs to do with as they pleased. Oh, love your neighbor, nearly forgot that one. Give those Arabs in Palestine what they want. You’d be surprised at the results.

Then there’s the boy child President Donald. No business being in that whitewashed White House. Bamboozled lots a folks and tearin’ the “republic” apart. Couldn’t tell the truth if a banjo hit ‘im over the head. Now he’s created a peach of a problem for himself. His tribe’s bent on fightin’ to save ‘im. The Donald may fall hard just like Custer. Troops that tagged along got “rubbed out” at the Little Big Horn by Sittin’ Bull when old “yellar hair’s” ego got the best of ‘im.

Never mind this here thing called democracy may go down like the Titanic. Pal Putin don’t give a tinker’s damn ‘bout that. He’ll be dancin’ on our grave. Lot of good folk work in government, long on honesty and integrity tryin’ to set things a’ right. Hat’s off to ‘em, breath of fresh air risen above the swamp.

But hell, dare I say it, what do I know except we ain’t goin’ nowhere except down, divided. Guns and bullets — tried that. Walls — tried that. Lyin’, dyin’ in endless wars, cheatin’, cryin’, pollutin’ take us all of us to an early grave. Bendin’ laws to suit makes all them dudes and acolytes outlaws. That’s a real hell for ya.

Some folks got a lot of guts. Take those young and old folk in Hong Kong. Willin’ to die for democracy, not piss it away. Lot of good folk in America done the dyin’ for us in “America the comfortable.” Still do, volunteers all, so the rest of us can grow fat keesters addicted to sugar and fat.

Then there’s the Kurds, fought and died helpin’ us, left em danglin’ in the wind like rotten meat when they needed our help. Ain’t right betrayin’ our friends. Did that once before in Cambodia to friends fightin’ the Red Kymer. Help cut off at war’s end, history again repeatin’. Untold thousands dead on killing fields in the genocide that followed. We’ve got bloody hands and no shame.

“Let freedom ring.” “Give me liberty or give me death.” Voices of patriots past, same red blood all, died for you and me. Courage to resist and say “no,” country over party, truth over lies, integrity over dishonesty, humility and restraint — core values of a great nation, not plunder, pollution and profit for what, more “stuff”? Enough already. Love is the way.

Live from the heart — can’t go wrong there. Just like Howard Luke lived — by example in service to others.

Don Ross is a Vietnam veteran and longtime Fairbanks resident.


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