Oct. 27, 2012

To the editor:

It seems like yesterday when Frank Murkowski was governor and holding closed-door deals with the oil executives working on tax cuts, which lead to his defeat and the Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share tax structure we have.

Now it’s like we turned back the clock, and worse, with an oil lobbyist as a governor and his followers seeking to get elected to his bidding. Do people remember the Corrupt Bastards Club where two Republicans went to jail, along with Bill Allen, head of Veco, the oil service company that was found making payoffs?

Both John Coghill and Pete Kelly were in Juneau at that time supporting Veco’s agenda and Frank Murkowski’s dealings. Now they are behind Parnell’s give away. Kelly states in his ads that the proposal to provide for the cost of a fuel rebate is unconstitutional. However, an offset for some of the cost of fuel has been done before.

What is unconstitutional is to sell Alaska’s resources at less than the maximum benefit to citizens of Alaska. Legislators who voted for the governor’s bill should be censured for not requiring a written contract to provide more oil for tax cuts.

The final blow to good sense is the ads sponsored by the oil companies encouraging voters to vote for oil tax reform — tax cuts — with a sweet-sounding lady saying that is what she is going to do, then including a child’s voice saying it’s for my future. First of all, the lady is just someone hired by a propaganda company, and secondly, a tax giveaway will not help our children’s future.

A recent ad for Pete Kelly makes a stern but completely erroneous statement by Mark Hamilton saying that Pete Kelly was not a lobbyist in Juneau, as Joe Paskvan claimed. The fact is he was a lobbyist.

We all want to see more oil production, but we need to do what is right for Alaska, so look beyond the propaganda and rhetoric and as a voter be informed on the issues.