The Public Safety Report is compiled from criminal complaints filed in state and federal courts, as well as some police blotter information, trooper dispatches, fire department reports and interviews with public safety officials. Individuals named as arrested and/or charged with crimes in this report are presumed innocent until proved guilty in a court of law.


• Doreen Laura Matumealook, 46, of Fairbanks, was charged with fourth-degree assault Sept. 27, after Fairbanks police responded to a disturbance at an Adams Drive apartment. Matumealook’s husband was bleeding profusely from a large cut on the back of his head. The man refused medical treatment and did not want to press charges, according to charging documents. Matumealook told police her husband punched her in the ribs and she hit him with a chair in self-defense. Matumealook refused to let police look at her alleged rib injury. 

• Shawn Allan White, 29, of Fairbanks, was charged with fourth-degree assault Sept. 28, after Fairbanks police responded to a domestic disturbance at a 17th Avenue address. White’s girlfriend told police he pushed her into a stair railing during an argument and left the scene. White returned while police were talking to the woman. White said he and the woman argued, he “snapped” and pushed her with one hand on her chest, according to charging documents. 

• Devan Rose Thurmond, 25, of North Pole, was charged with third-degree assault Oct. 1, after she called Alaska State Troopers to report a female friend took her car keys and fled to an Aeronca Avenue property, and she didn’t know where she was. Troopers contacted the woman at a home on the property and found her crying and visibly shaken. The woman said she knew Thurmond through a mutual friend and agreed to go with her to the Aeronca Street address to pick up a friend. The two argued, and Thurmond told the woman she was going to leave her there. The woman told troopers she didn’t know anyone there and wasn’t comfortable being left there. She told Thurmond she would take her keys and started to take them from the ignition. Thurmond allegedly pulled a gun, pointed it at her and said, “You’re not going to take my keys!” Troopers seized the gun from Thurmond and found it was a pellet gun that had been painted to look like a real semi-automatic pistol. Thurmond said the gun had been in her trunk, and the woman said she pointed it at her because she didn’t want to get into trouble for taking her keys, according to charging documents. 


Robert Allen Waldo, 40, of North Pole, was charged with driving under the influence Sept. 28, after North Pole police stopped him for driving a four-wheeler into oncoming traffic on Saint Nicholas Boulevard. Waldo smelled strongly of alcohol and admitted to drinking one 24-ounce Steele Reserve beer earlier that day, according to charging documents. He declined to perform field sobriety tests and registered a breath-alcohol content of 0.182.

Multiple charges

Jeremy Paul Jochumsen, 40, of North Pole, was charged with fourth-degree assault, interfering with a domestic violence report and driving under the influence Sept. 28, after Alaska State Troopers responded to a report that he shoved his wife down and she was barricaded in her child’s bedroom. The woman told troopers she and Jochumsen argued while coming home from the Speedway bar because he was driving recklessly, speeding and swerving on purpose, according to charging documents. The woman said Jochumsen “shoulder checked” her when they got home and pushed her to the floor. The woman said she uses Wi-Fi to make phone calls because of poor cellphone reception, and Jochumsen turned off the internet while she was trying to call 911. Jochumsen admitted to drinking six to seven beers at the bar and declined to perform field sobriety tests. He registered a breath-alcohol content of 0.060. 

Dorothy Chomicz