The Public Safety Report is compiled from criminal complaints filed in state and federal courts, as well as some police blotter information, trooper dispatches, fire department reports and interviews with public safety officials. Individuals named as arrested and/or charged with crimes in this report are presumed innocent until proved guilty in a court of law.


Melia Hannah Tebbits, 28, of Delta Junction, was charged with fourth-degree assault and two counts of violating conditions of release Monday for allegedly punching her boyfriend in the face near the Golden North Motel. The man told Alaska State Troopers that he and Tebbits were in his vehicle and she got angry when he told her he had to leave town. Tebbits punched the man in the face several times and sat on their puppy. The man pushed her off the puppy and Tebbits got out of the vehicle and left. Troopers contacted Tebbits at the West Fairbanks Fred Meyer store. She told them the man pushed her out of the vehicle after she accidentally sat on their puppy and it yelped. Tebbits denied hitting her boyfriend and said he probably punched himself in the face, according to the charges.

Multiple charges

• Tyler Wayne Jimenez, 27, of Wasilla, was charged with driving under the influence and fourth-degree drugs misconduct Monday after Alaska State Troopers in Tok responded to the Three Bears mini mart. According to charging documents, a store employee said a man, later identified as Jimenez, tried to use the ATM about 20 times and seemed to be under the influence of something. Jimenez drove through the store parking lot twice at high speed after troopers arrived, then got out and went inside. Jimenez was behaving erratically, had trouble standing still and had multiple syringes in plain view inside his vehicle. He failed field sobriety tests and registered a breath-alcohol content of 0.00. Troopers found 1.2 grams of methamphetamine in a baggy inside Jimenez’s vehicle, according to the charges.

• Sean Michael Judd, 46, of Fairbanks, was charged with first-degree harassment and two counts of fourth-degree assault Thursday after Alaska State Troopers responded to a disturbance at a South Cushman Street apartment. According to charging documents, Judd screamed at a woman and pounded his fists on a table after she asked him to stop yelling at his girlfriend on the phone. The woman said she believed Judd was coming off of methamphetamine high and she was afraid she would hurt her and damage her property because he’d previously done so while in that state of mind. The woman told troopers Judd had assaulted her twice in the past month but she had not reported it.

• Tupaarnaq Rosing Olsen Brower, 28, of Fairbanks, was charged with fourth-degree assault and three counts of violating conditions of release Tuesday after Fairbanks police responded to a domestic disturbance at a Kellum Street apartment. Police found Brower on the apartment floor, highly intoxicated and yelling unintelligibly, according to charging documents. Brower’s boyfriend had freshly bleeding scratches on his face, bite marks on each arm and a bite mark just below his left nipple. He told police he asked Brower to leave after she came home extremely impaired and argumentative. Brower grabbed the man, scratched him, tried to throw a bicycle at him and swung at him. She came out of the bedroom with two bags, one of which she threw off of a balcony. The man tried to lock her out but the lock didn’t hold. Brower came at him again, at which point he decided to pin her to the floor until police arrived, according to the charges. Brower told police that the man held her hostage and probably injured himself on purpose to make it look like she had attacked him.