The Public Safety Report is compiled from criminal complaints filed in state and federal courts, as well as some police blotter information, trooper dispatches, fire department reports and interviews with public safety officials. Individuals named as arrested and/or charged with crimes in this report are presumed innocent until proved guilty in a court of law.


Corey J. McGinty, 31, of Tanana, was charged with second-degree assault May 28 after Alaska State Troopers responded to a report of a possible strangulation in Tanana. McGinty’s girlfriend said they went for a drive and began arguing about his ex-girlfriend, according to charging documents. McGinty told the woman he could break her neck, then grabbed her around the throat and began to squeeze while she was driving. McGinty bashed the woman’s head against the driver’s side door and squeezed harder while she struggled to get the vehicle in park. McGinty suddenly stopped attacking her and they eventually drove back to town. The woman, who is pregnant with McGinty’s child, was taken to the clinic for treatment and McGinty left the scene, according to charging documents. McGinty told troopers his girlfriend punched him in the head and he shoved her away, causing her head to hit the driver’s side window.

Billy Jerome Leathers, 33, of Fairbanks, was charged with fourth-degree assault and two counts of violating conditions of release Friday after Fairbanks police responded to a domestic disturbance at the Alaska Motor Inn. Leathers’ girlfriend told police he punched three times in the face. The woman had visible swelling and dark discoloration around her eye. Leathers appeared to be highly intoxicated and was passed out half on and half off the bed where his daughter was sleeping, according to charging documents.

Oscar Ned Frank was charged with second-degree assault, third-degree assault and fourth-degree assault May 28 for a May 16 incident. According to charging documents, Alaska State Troopers received reports of a barefoot woman with bloody facial wounds stumbling from the woods near the transfer site on University Avenue. Troopers detained Frank at his homeless camp and the woman was taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital. While en route, EMS reported she had become unresponsive. Frank told troopers he found a case of wine in a dumpster and he and the woman argued after drinking a bottle or two. Frank said the woman attacked him and he punched her because he had no choice but to defend himself. Frank had light scratches on his face and a significant amount of blood on his shirt, according to the charges. The woman had a broken front tooth, a cut on her head that required multiple stitches and multiple swollen bruises on her face and neck. She told troopers that Frank held her down with his legs and knees, punched and elbowed her in the face and told her she asked for it. She said Frank tried to hit her head on nearby objects and then strangled her until she saw stars. Frank is 10 inches taller and 80 pounds heavier than the woman, according to the charges.

Multiple charges

Vincent Edward Nelson, 42, of Fairbanks, was charged with felony third-degree weapons misconduct, possession of burglary tools and driving with a revoked license May 28 after Alaska State Troopers stopped him on Badger Road for having heavily tinted windows. A records check showed Nelson’s license was revoked for a DUI and he was on felony probation, according to charging documents. Troopers searched Nelson’s vehicle and found a 9 mm pistol, a partial box of .45 caliber ammunition, a small scale commonly used for drug distribution, a license plate from a stolen vehicle, a lock pick kit, a torch, identification and a credit card belonging to two different people, and aluminum baseball bat and a can of bear spray, according to the charges.