The Public Safety Report is compiled from criminal complaints filed in state and federal courts, as well as some police blotter information, trooper dispatches, fire department reports and interviews with public safety officials. Individuals named as arrested and/or charged with crimes in this report are presumed innocent until proved guilty in a court of law.


• Nathan Christopher Szmyd, 34, of North Pole, was charged with two counts of third-degree assault for allegedly pointing a weapon at a man and his daughter, according to charging documents.

• Joseph Calvin Goodson, 23, of Fairbanks, was charged with felony third-degree assault June 14. According to charging documents, Goodson’s girlfriend said he threatened her with a gun.

• Tiffany Delilah Edwards, 31, of North Pole, was charged with fourth-degree assault June 17 for allegedly biting a large chunk out of a man’s leg while drinking. Alaska State Troopers contacted Edwards and found her distraught, with a black eye and blood around her mouth, according to charging documents. Edwards told troopers the man punched her in the face. The man said Edwards punched him multiple times and bit him on the thigh when he tried to hold her down. Children in the home told troopers they saw Edwards hit the man and thought she bruised and bloodied her own face while trying to punch him.



Mary Cheryl Gene, 43, of North Pole, was charged with driving under the influence June 14 after Alaska State Troopers responded to a report of a woman driving 5 mph and staring at the ceiling of her vehicle. The woman almost ran into the caller’s car and he followed her until she crashed on Dawson Road after running a stop sign, according to charging documents. The caller reported Gene’s car rolled onto its roof and she was halfway out of the driver’s side window. Gene was taken to the hospital for medical clearance and blood samples were drawn for alcohol testing. Gene told troopers she had three drinks and took some anxiety medication and suboxone earlier in the day. Gene said she had a back spasm due to the anxiety medication and did not remember crashing, according to the charges.

Hindering prosecution

Michel D. Gentry, 46, of Circle, was charged with felony first-degree hindering prosecution June 14. According to charging documents, Gentry knew her boyfriend was wanted on a felony warrant and did not tell troopers his location.  

Multiple charges

Randy P. Augustine, 34, of Fairbanks, was charged with fourth-degree assault, interfering with a domestic violence report, resisting arrest and violating conditions of release June 16. According to charging documents, Augustine took a woman’s phone away and tackled her when she threatened to call the police.


Michael Daequan Crump, 27, of Fairbanks, was charged with felony second-degree robbery and reckless endangerment June 13. According to charging documents, Crump pushed a woman into a roadway and took her shoes. A male driver filmed the incident with a dashboard camera, picked up the woman and took her to the Alaska State Trooper post.