Jade and Soshanna Toole

"I love the beautiful scenery and friendly people. I love the fall and the smell of woodsmoke. I love the fresh snow." Jade Toole

"Playing with my friends" Shoshanna Toole

Kaley Sikes

"I'd have to say the beauty and how much space there is, how it can feel so isolating, but there's so much community." Kaley Sikes

Marcella Hill

"I used to live in West Texas and on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona where the wind would blow every day. I said 'If I find a place where the wind doesn't blow every day, that's where I'm going.' I like the weather here." Marcella Hill

Posh Paul

"It's my land. It's my home." Posh Paul

Ron Feldhouse

"There are no cops. Down south you can be minding your own business and they're on you. Here, they're not on you unless you're doing something really bad." Ron Feldhouse