Shelby Alexander

“We went berry picking one year. That was fun; we went blueberry picking.” 

Shelby Alexander, stay-at-home mom.

Trudi Dunham

“Just Sunday dinners. Just dinners with the family.” 

Trudi Dunham, retired.

Guenevere Flewelling

“When I went fishing with my dad — that was my favorite.” 

Guenevere Flewelling, entering third grade.

Brooke Joseph

“Hiking with my dad. He’s coming up to visit this Father’s Day, so maybe we’ll hike here.” 

Brooke Joseph, stay-at-home mom.

Jamie Lunceford

“Probably last Father’s Day. We all, the whole family, went down to Denali for a family hike.” 

Jamie Lunceford, contractor.