Sara Annan

"We're visiting our cousins from Fairbanks, Alaska. We're from Iowa, so we're enjoying all the muggy weather you have in Fairbanks. So we'll celebrate with our cousins at the Midnight Fest." Sara Annan

Angela Schmidt

"Well we're going to go to the Midnight Sun Fest for sure on Sunday and we have relatives here in town. My husband and I are from Fairbanks. We've been here for about 20 years, 25 years, so we have relatives in town and we're showing them around." Angela Schmidt

Rhiannon Traylor

"Well I was thinking about going to the downtown solstice, see what that's all about, see all the vendors and see what they have to offer this year. That's always fun — go see all the crafts and stuff that they do." Rhiannon Traylor

Steven Sundborg

"So I got to go out to my dad's cabin first and drop off watercraft — no, play golf first ... and then go watch the midnight sun run at my sister's over at Westgate right on the river." Steven Sundborg

Joshua Reed

"Just taking the family out and doing things that we normally don't do. You know, go to the lake, Pioneer Park. There's many things to do so, just trying to get out and have fun." Joshua Reed